The Inside Story - Why is it good? Do I need it?


  • Meat contains tons of essential ingredients & vitamins that are needed for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Red meat contains Iron - something your body needs!
  • Vitamins & proteins in meat promote strong teeth, healthy skin, better vision, stronger bones, and even your brain health.
  • Meat is needed for muscle growth because of its protein, too.
  • Meat animals like cows, chickens, and pigs all eat grain & plants that humans couldn't eat... practically meaning cows could live off a field in your backyard - its free growing!
  • Growing meat is an efficient use of crops & fields.
  • If we didn't eat meat animals, their population would grow hugely, and that in turn would cause world-wide problems & crowding.
  • Animal meat has few other uses - if we just killed the animal for its skin but didn't eat it, the meat would have no where to go.
  • Lean meat can even encourage weight loss.
  • Cows & goats fertilize their own food
  • If we didn't have eggs,

Think Once, Think Twice, Think Meat.

What's wrong with being a vegetarian?

  • Poor muscle growth
  • They miss out on the healthy proteins and vitamins in meat
  • Their bones aren't as strong
  • It becomes easier to get diseases like cancer