By Sophia Fasano 801

My Occupation as a Producer

As a producer I am going to plan and coordinate TV shows and movies. I get to select scripts, coordinate writing, direct and edit, and arrange financing. I also can star in my own shows and movies.


As a producer the amount of money you make varies. If you are well known then you will obviously make more money than someone who isn't.

In New York City

  • entry-level workers: $53,000
  • -experienced workers: $152,00

In New York State

  • entry-level workers: $49,550
  • experienced workers: $145,400


  • entry-level workers: $46,100
  • experienced workers: $115,150

Education / Training

If you want to become a producer, you need four-year bachelor's degree. Also, you need the right amount of work-related skill, knowledge and experience. To train for this career you need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and vocational training


There are many tasks a producer needs to do to complete the job. They do these tasks to keep everything organized and in place. Here are some examples:

  • Hire directors, cast members, and staff members
  • Write and edit stories by reporters and other sources
  • Arrange financing for productions
  • Work with other people thought the production process
  • Determine time like schedules and management
  • Select plays, scripts, books, or ideas to be produced
  • Review film, recording, footage, editing and more so that it meets the standards
  • Obtain rights to scripts or to such items as existing video footage
  • Write proposals


If you want to be a producer you need to have a passion in it. You also need to be interested in certain things.

  • Artistic-You need to have a vision for your work. Creativity is key and you need to be different so people watch your show or movie.
  • Enterprising-You need to be a leader and be good at making decisions. Also you need to be a risk taker. Taking risks are good in business because you could learn from your mistakes or you can do something and it can turn out to be amazing. You shouldn't be scared to try something while producing

Work Style

You need to have to deal with a lot when being a producer. This is why you need a certain work style. You need to have self control, stress tolerance, effort, cooperation, leadership, dependability, and more. Its very important that you work with others to share ideas and to fix problems. You can't become angry very easily and you need to work around difficult situations. Also, you have to be able to lead others and take charge. Finally you must be nice to everyone on set, make it fun and be honest.

Famous Producers

  • Steven Spielberg (E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws)
  • Walt Disney (Snow White, Cinderella and basically every Disney movie)
  • Mark Wahlberg (Transformers 4, Lone Survivor, Ted 2)
  • George Lucas (Star Wars)
  • Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, Night Before Christmas)