Third Grade Rockin' Arcade

Barksdale's Third Grade Version of Caine's Arcade!

Have you heard about Caine's Arcade?

The third graders have been working hard on a physical science unit. Now the students are ready to apply some of what they have learned by creating an arcade inspired by Caine's Arcade.

Third Grade Parents,

We need your help! We need donations of cardboard boxes for next week. The boys and girls will use the cardboard to create arcade games.

We will introduce the project in our homeroom classes on Monday morning. Please spend some time Monday night chatting with your child about the project. He/she may want to incorporate a few items from home into the design.

If you haven't heard about Caine's Arcade, you need to watch these video clips. You will be inspired!!

Caine's Arcade
Caine's Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement

Thank you!

We are looking forward to a fun, educational experience. Keep an eye out for updates soon!