Forensic Entomology

Coryn Soul

What is Forensic Entomology

Forensic Entomology is the use of bugs and insects to help solve crimes

Types of insects

Flies and Beetles are used to tell the time of elapsed death due to the stages in their lifestyle

Estimating the time since death (PMI)

Estimating the time of death is used by the determination of insect larvae. You would check the bugs that are around the crime scene on the corpse and examine their stage in life to determine TOD

Information we need from the site

life cycles of the bugs, if there are eggs, and if there are larva. The vegetation around, dthe soil type, the weather at the time, the temp of the humidity, and other unusual details like if the body was submerged in anything

Information we need from the body

if the body was covered or buried, the position of the body, what direction the body is faced, and the state of composition

limitations of forensic entomology

the TOD depends on accurate temp info, but different weather patterns can be various and the data can be incorrect in the winter insects do not come around as much so if there is a crime in the winter it'd be hard to examine since it relies on insects