West Lafayette Choirs Update

Your Voice Matters--December 3, 2015

Sing! Sing! Sing! Success!

Thank you to all parents, volunteers, and chauffeurs who helped to make this concert a success! Without the support of positive adults concerts like this are not possible. Thank you for your continued support as we transition toward 2nd semeseter!

Got Photos?

Do you have pictures from Sing! Sing! Sing!? If so, please feel free to share them with Mr. Waltz via Google Drive, Google +, Flickr, or any other method that is easy to transmit.

FYI all choir students have access to a performance video in their Google Classroom.

WL Chorale performs with Bach Chorale Singers Dec. 12

The WLHS Chorale will be performing with the Bach Chorale Singers of Lafayette on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. The performance is at First Baptist Church at 411 N. 7th St. in Lafayette.

Ticket information can be found here. Tickets are available at the door, but it would be a good idea to arrive early if you plan to purchase onsite.

SPECIAL TICKET OFFER: Students under the age of 18 will get into the concert for free with a paying adult.

Tentative Dec. 12 Schedule for Chorale

Tentatively, this is the plan for Chorale on Dec. 12:

4:30 Arrive at First Baptist Church for rehearsal (no transportation provided)

5:40 Break

6:00 Full Rehearsal with Bach Chorale Choirs

7:00 Break

7:30 Concert Begins

9:00 Approximate end time for concert (no transportation provided)

Students should arrive at 4:30 having eaten a light meal and will have time to eat snacks during breaks.

Vwa Bel Canisters

Building off an activity from our choreography session last month, members of Vwa Bel have been assigned to put items in a painted canister for another member of the choir (similar to a secret gift exchange). Students should not be spending more than $5 on items for the gift--I have encouraged students to be creative and consider homemade options.

Items are due in the choir room by Dec. 14. If you feel your daughter will be unable to provide items for this activity, please contact me and I can help with ideas or items.

High School Choir Final Exams

Chorale: Dec. 12 Performance

Vwa Bel: Prepared solos in class Dec. 14 and 15

Concert Choir: Sightreading using SmartMusic on iPads. Students are free to come into the choir room during finals anytime they are free to complete the SmartMusic projects.

Chaperones needed for Spring Break

If you have a son or daughter traveling with the music department over Spring Break and you would like to travel with us--we have room! Financial assistance may be available. Contact Mr. Waltz if you are interested.

A note about concert absences

Just a friendly reminder about handling absences from choir events (not daily rehearsal). This information was presented at the beginning of the year at open house, the first day of class, and was acknowledged through the Google form that choir parents/guardians filled out at the beginning of the year.

From the choir handbook:

"Performances and Rehearsals Choir is a performance ensemble and participation in these performances is required. If for any reason you will not be able to perform in a concert or other performance, please fill out the appropriate online form 2 weeks in advance of the event. Make-up work will be provided so that you can make up the grade only if an absence is excused. Absence from school the day of a concert will result in failure to perform. That grade may be made up only if it is an excused absence. An excused absence will remain a zero in Skyward until the student has made up the work. (cont’d…)

If you are at school on the day of a performance or rehearsal you are expected to be at the performance or rehearsal. If there is an emergency, your parent or guardian must speak with a director within 24 hours of the missed performance or rehearsal in order for you to be allowed to do make-up work.

Students are expected to be at a performance or rehearsal at the appropriate call time (announced in class). For every minute that a student is late, one point will be deducted from the student’s total performance or rehearsal grades (usually 100 points). Excused tardies will be determined in the same manner as excused absences. Though performance is never free from mistakes, students who demonstrate performance practice that shows evidence of poor preparation (accuracy, expression, uniforms) will have points deducted accordingly.

Matching the other West Lafayette Music Organizations, the following reasons for missing a required performance or contest will NOT be excused:

  • Employment conflicts

  • Studying or doing homework (part of being in ANY organization is planning your schedule carefully).

  • Family vacations

  • Regular season HS and JH athletic events, including non-IHSAA-run tournaments

  • Non-school-related club sports

  • Illness without physician or school nurse documentation

  • Undisclosed "personal reasons"

  • Exams such as the SAT or ACT (these exams offer multiple dates, and therefore are avoidable)

    • SAT Dates of note: Nov. 7 and May 7"

More Information

For more information about grading policies, performances, and our calendar please check out the choir website. To stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter or check out the calendar on the choir website.