Motor Skills For Infants

Birth to one year

Early Stages

One to Two Months- Lifts chin when placed on stomach, lifts chest well above surface when placed on stomach.

Three to Four Months-Holds up head steadily, reaches for objects, but unsteady; rolls from side to back, vice versa.

Five to Six Months- Sits alone briefly, uses hands to reach, grasp, crumble, bang, and splash; Turns completely over when laid on back or stomach.

Development Continued

Later Months

Seven to Eight Months- Sits up steadily, reaches for spoon, eats with fingers,picks up large objects, pulls self up while holding on to furniture.

Nine to Ten months- Crawls on hands and knees, walks when led.

Eleven to Twelve Months- Shows preference for one hand over the other, holds and drinks from a cup, stands alone, may walk alone.