Sixth Grade Quest Update

September 14th

What are we up to?

Our first activity has been advocating books for a Book Championship Challenge. Each class narrowed down a list of sixteen books and has been creating short advertisements for the Round One vote (coming up on Monday.)

While preparing these advertisements, we are working on:

  • Speaking clearly and using informative language
  • Presenting with poise
  • Collaborating with peers in a positive and encouraging way
  • Managing our time well.

It has been exciting to see students already begin to grow in these domains!

Presentation from 9/13

Here you will find the slide show I gave last night to the parents who were able to make it to the orientation session. I hope I was able to give you an overview of the heart of the program. By now, you've probably figured out that you can reach out to me about anything... If you have questions, just send me an email or a text (908-500-9612) and I'll be quick to respond!


Take a look at what's ahead...

We are gearing up for Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month. While we chat about what novels we love, students are getting an idea about what they like in the books they read.

Soon, we will be brainstorming ideas for our own novels, so that on November 1st, 46 days from now, students will be able to jump right into their writing adventures. Stay tuned for more information in messages to come!

Never too late.... sign up for Enrichment!

Click here for our latest Enrichment Update or here to sign up! learn more!

Here are some articles I've come upon recently that may help you out with some of the adventures of raising gifted tweens.

Anxiety Some ideas about intensity and gifted students, as well as some ideas of how to help, especially using creativity as a power tool. (Anxious kids often use creativity as a "What If Weapon" instead...but creativity can also take them to happier places!)

Test Anxiety This is another, targeted, kind of anxiety, often mixed with perfectionism or speediness. Kids begin to become more aware of grades in the middle school (we'll talk about this another time), and with that comes a greater amount of stress.

Time Management Need I say more? We're doing a lot of work on lighting the "fire within" to make transitions more focused and to be aware of time as we go through each day!

Upcoming Events

Free Day at Museums September 24th, multiple sites...great for families!

Heroes Gifted Classes Enroll by September 30th for a vast array of Rutgers based classes

My favorite Quest resource, Hoagies Gifted, has a lot of material for parents to enjoy...including lists of ideas for books, movies, and gifts.... I know it's not an event, per se, but I wanted to make sure I shared it!