By: Alexis Splichal

Summary of Venezuela

  • Venezuela is a country in South America.
  • The capitol is Caracas, Venezuela.
  • They play lots of baseball and football
  • Their diets consist mostly of corn, rice, and several different meats

Places to visit in Venezuela

Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada

  • Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada is a national park in Venezuela.
  • When you visit you can camp, hike, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

La Playa El Agua

  • This is a very famous beach on margarita island in Venezuela.
  • It overlooks the Atlantic ocean and is very organized.
  • There are also many restaurants and other tourist attractions on it.

Tarzilandia- El restaurante

  • great seafood restaurant dating back to 1950
  • Jungle theme
  • Meals starting at 15$ a person

Casa Natal del Libertador

  • Birthplace of Simon Bolivar
  • declared a national monument in 2002

Hard rock café Caracas

  • Located in a mall near all the best hotels in Caracas
  • Great for American Cravings
  • Great reviews

Estadio Olímpico

  • holds 23,940 people
  • Is in Caracas
  • Home of Caracas FC

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes

  • This church dates back to 1614
  • It has been refurbished many times
  • In 1960 it was declared a national monument

Plaza Bolívar- la plaza

  • historic square of Caracas
  • founded in 1567
  • surrounded by many important buildings

Parque Zoologico de caricuao

  • Main zoo of Caracas
  • On old coffee plantation
  • imported felines and elephants

Aguamania- el parque de diversiones

  • 25,000 sq meter water/ amusement park
  • swimming pools
  • slides
  • gift shops

Lake Maracaibo- El lago

  • connected to the gulf of Venezuela
  • 5,100 sq miles
  • biggest lake in Central America

Pico Bolívar- las mantanas

  • highest point in Venezuela
  • 4,978 meters high
  • top is permanently covered in snow

Children's Museum of Caracas- el museo

  • made to teach children about science and technology
  • established by former first lady of Venezuela
  • built in 1982

National Library of Venezuela- la biblioteca

  • July 13th 1832
  • collection size: 7,131,660

Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim (la mezquita)

  • 2nd largest mosque in Latin America
  • opened 1993
  • took 4 years to build