1st Grade News

A Wrangler Gazette Special Column



It's Going to be a Great Year!!!

First Grade has been working very hard since the beginning of school. We reviewed what we learned in Kindergarten and have been busy learning new things!

In math we are learning to tell time to the hour and half hour. We are learning our addition facts and all the parts of numbers. We love playing "what am I hiding?" and we've been working on hiding up to 10 counters!

In reading we have learned about author's purpose, sequencing, and what stories have (characters, setting, problem and solution). We are getting really good at determining fiction and nonfiction just by looking at the cover of books! Make sure you do lots of reading at home!

In social studies we spent a lot of time discussing rules and practicing how to follow school and classroom rules. First graders are doing excellent!

We have been to the science lab a few times and learned what scientists do (and learned WE are scientists too!). We alsi experimented with how matter changes with heat and cold.

First grade teachers have finished our beginning of the year assessments in math and reading. We will be setting up times for parent/teacher conferences so be on the look out for the note from your child's teacher.

Thank you so much for allowing us to teach your children! We hope you are as proud of their progress as we have been so far!

It is going to be a great year and we look forward to spending each day with our "Fabulous First Graders"!


Tatiana Edwards, Junior Journalist

The Wrangler Gazette is a student published online newsletter. This section is edited by junior journalist, Tatiana Edwards. Tatiana likes to write because she says, "Writing is how I express myself. I love being in Journalism Club, and I LOVE being a reporter!"