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Pakistan: Radicals Burn ChurchOn Friday afternoon, Sept. 21, a mob of several thousand radical Muslims attacked St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mardan City, Pakistan. The attackers, armed with rifles and kerosene, overwhelmed security guards and broke into the church. They destroyed Bibles and prayer books, desecrated the altar and set fire to the church building and several surrounding homes and buildings. The mob was returning from a protest against the film Innocence of Muslims, which has sparked violence in many Middle Eastern countries this month and led to the death of Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya. In Pakistan, the government had declared Sept. 21 a national holiday in honor of Muhammad, and the day had been set aside for peaceful protests.China:Over 6,800 wrote to the Chinese Ambassador in London regarding the Chinese government's refusal to give refuge to North Korean refugees or allow them safe passage to another country. Millions in North Korea face desperate poverty and persecution so many flee to China. China forcibly repatriates them back to North Korea to face torture, imprisonment and sometimes execution. Refugees who had contact with Christians or admit to becoming a Christian face particularly severe treatment. Chinese Christians and other citizens who assist the refugees are harassed or detained. What Can Be Done To Stop Persecution?One thing that can be done to stop persecution is write to the ambassador of the country that the persecution is happening in.This is the near enough only non-violant way of voicing your concern,because it goes straight to a frigue of authourity.Or other ways, Protests,websites,flyers, tv advertisements etc . there are plently of ways tostop persecution the question is Will You?