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February 8, 2018

Productive Struggle

This idea came up several times this week in talking to several of you regarding last week's local buzz. While the attached video is not earth shattering, it does have some fast things (it is a 2 minutes video) to reflect on for your practices with your students. I hope it gives you more things to ponder as we help our students with the productive struggle. (I know it focuses on math but really it can be applied to any subject taught to our students.)

Sweet and Salty Treats

When: Thursday, February 14, 2019

Where: Office Conference Room

Bring a sweet or salty treat to share with your work family.

***Please make sure you check the conference room as you are leaving school on the 14th to clean-up your leftover items. We don't want to attract our unwanted critter guests.

Monday's Faculty Meeting

We will be meeting this Monday in the library at 3:40. Please be on time. We will be working on more ways to increase our knowledge and proficiency with circling with students. We will be moving around and you won't need your computers. We will see you on Monday.

Speaking of Faculty Meetings

We all live the unbalanced work/life "balance" and try to do our best daily to fit everything in that we need to before we got to bed each night. There has been an increase of people asking for/telling me that they cannot go to faculty meetings for a variety of reasons on Monday we have a faculty meeting. Emergencies happen, but every faculty meeting Monday I have at least 2 requests to miss the meeting for some reason or another that is not an emergency. Please work to avoid those Mondays for doctors appointments, etc., your presence is needed at faculty meetings.

Updating Sub Plans

Another friendly reminder to please have your updated emergency plans in the office by the end of next week. In those plans, and any other plans that you may prepare for subs in the future, please include a detailed outline of what the expectation is for subs regarding behavior support in your classroom. We need to provide support for our subs that may not be very familiar with our building. Thank you for your attention to this.

Book Study Books

Almost all of the books for the spring are here in the building. I'm just waiting on one set. We will get them out to you all this week so you can start reading them. Grade level teams can begin to determine the pace at which we want to read them by at an upcoming PLC.

Behavior Problem of Practice

The templates for outlining your Behavior Problem of Practice (POP) is in your grade level's PLC folder in our team drive. Please have it completed by Thursday the 14th so I can send it to Jason Gordon ahead of our meetings on the 19th. If you have questions please ask. I'm happy to help.

Link for February's Newsletter

Here is the link for the monthly newsletter that went out to parents today.

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