Ms. Ward's Fabulous First Grade : )

Newsletter Week 24

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today's Valentine's Day celebration was so joyful. We were very excited to give each other special valentine's day treats. The students each were kind and generous to their friends. Everyone went home with a HUGE bag full of candy, sweet notes, and other treats!! I was so blown away by their thoughtfulness and manners. At the end of the day, everyone was very gracious, and Andrea even came back an EXTRA time to say thank you! The whole class was so precious. I'm very thankful to have gotten to spend this LOVEly day with them : )


Today is ENRIQUE'S BIRTHDAY!!! What a lovely day to turn 7 years old. We celebrated Enrique in style all week with adorable pictures, intricate toys, and delicious heartfelt cake!! The students also drew pictures of what they would like to give Enrique for his birthday, and the creative ideas were fantastic! Thank you for celebrating with us today, Enrique!!


We have officially finished Unit 5 of Everyday Math, which marks the beginning of the second half of our curriculum!! The students will be working in NEW math journals next week! Unit 5 finished off with finding the patterns of easy addition facts like +1, +0, sums to 10 and doubles. Help your child to practice these facts at home with flash cards.

We also worked on function machines, which are a fun way for students to find patterns within numbers. I am amazed and impressed with how quickly everyone caught onto the patterns! Even when I tried to make them tricky, I couldn't fool 1.3!


This week in writing we FINALLY started writing our fairy tales. Each one is unique and different. Melody's has a brave knight named Spike defending the castle from an evil Dragon... Max has a munchkin named Mike who lives at the top of a rocky mountain... Andrea's is about vampires and Sabrina's is about rabbits! Others ideas include minions, fairies, jungles and caves. Creativity is certainly flowing in 1.3!!!

Mark your calendars for a special Author's Share on Friday, February 28th. Parents are welcome to come celebrate as our authors read their finished fairy tales.

social studies

In social studies, we learned about landforms, bodies of water, and how to read a map. The students built mountains, islands, hills, valleys, plains, and volcanoes out of play-dough. Then we wrote about which landform we would want to spend our next birthdays on! Again, my little writers were so creative! Many students chose plains because they did NOT want to fall off the mountains!! We also worked together to create a map of a castle using our cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) to locate different rooms of the house.

Next week we will begin to see how people are affected by landforms... People who live in the mountains have a very different life style than those living on an island or in the plains!


First-grade is having a ball!

Friday February 28th we are celebrating the end of our unit, Around the World in a Glass Slipper, with a ball worthy of a fairy-tale! Parents of first-graders are invited to dance and eat in the elementary cafeteria from 1:30 until 2:30.

We are looking for volunteers to bring food and decorate the cafeteria. Please email me if you are able to help.

Show your spirit!!

February 24-28 is SPIRIT WEEK at ISP. Each day will be a different theme or spirited activity. Here is a basic schedule-- more information to come!

Monday, February 24th - Wacky Tacky Day – dress in mismatched or tacky clothing

Tuesday, February 25th – Copy & Paste Day – find a friend or two and all dress alike – be twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc….

Wednesday, February 26th – Pajama Day – wear your favorite PJ’s

Thursday, February 27th – Super Hero Day – dress as your favorite super hero

Friday, February 28th – Mojadera – Fun in the Sun Day – we will have fun playing in the water. A detailed schedule for this day will come out on Monday.

Assemble the masses.

Elementary school is having a POD Assembly on Tuesday, February 18 at 1:45. On this day, your child may come to school dressed in his/her pod colors to show POD spirit!

Have a tremendous weekend!

Ms. Ward : )