Zheng He

Jack Dunn


Zheng He is an explorer from China and explored around 1371-1433 CE. Emperor Zhu Di ordered a huge "treasure fleet" to be built. Zheng He was chosen to command this fleet. This treasure fleet was to be a collection of trading ships, warships, and support vessels, carrying treasure to various ports in the Chinese seas and the Indian Ocean.


-When he was young he served for the prince in Beiping where he could get an education and become an important advisor.

-He was known for being wise in warfare and personally skilled in battle.

-The emperor chose Zheng to lead the voyages because of the trust he had in him.

God, Gold, or Glory?

Gold- The seven voyages of the treasure fleets were mainly focused on trading. Zheng He led the seven voyages to different countries to establish trading partners. During some of the fleets he and his crew would encounter pirates or go into dangerous territories. However, almost all of their trips consisted of them giving gifts or trading with other countries.


Because Zheng He was the commander of many treasure fleets of commerce and exploration from China to other regions of Asia and Africa, he greatly expanded China's trade. The primary goal of the seven voyages was to increase trade and make peace with other countries. By exploring and trading with different parts of China and Africa, Zheng He was able to expand China's trade and make peace with their trading partners.


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