By: Geo Lee



*Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies.


*How does expansion impact society?

* What do a nation’s policies reveal about their values?

*How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

How does expansion impact society?

Expansion is the idea of expanding in something whether in this case it may be government, population, nation, technology, voting, culture, and modern times. Expansion could impact the society because there would be more industries as more immagrants come, and if there are more industries, there would be an increase in the amount of goods, and eventually urbanization will happen. Expansion can make societies more urban.

What do a nation's policies reveal about their values?

The nation's policies can reveal about their values. The government set rules for citizens to follow according to what they think is the most important for them and their people. For instance, in the United States, we most importantly value our rights. In the Declaration of Independance, it is written that "all men are created equal". They believe that our creator has given us certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. They even made the Bill of Rights to help secure our rights, and all citizens have to follow these policies in order to keep all citizen's rights secure.

How might leadership decision be viewed from different perspectives?

People with different experiences have different opinions, so some may not agree with what the leader is doing. In the Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson wanted to remove all Native Americans and put them in reserves so the nation could expand. 4000 Indians died on the Trail of Tears. Most Americans supported the idea of the Indian Removal Act because it opened up lands to white settlers. Also in the Nullification Crisis, a tariff was passed to protect North's trade with the South, but South did not get any profit from this, so they decided to secede.

Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies.

There were many expansions made in the U.S. and they were sociological, political, and economic expansions. In a supreme court case, Marbury v. Madison, there was an expansion in power for the supreme court which was the judicial review. Also there was a big expansion in industries like the new steamboat, cotton gin, mechanical reaper, etc. In the Mexican War, there was a huge expansion in land given by Mexico which was called the Mexican Cession. Sociological, political, and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies because it makes the country be more urban.