Trip to Planet Earth

To Aliens on a Mission

This is your very own travel guide.

Three places you should visit are, Pacific Ocean, Mount Everest, and finally the Sahara Desert.

Places to Go

Packing List

ways we humans regionalize the earth

Time Zones. Make sure you know that if you go too far east, west, north, south you will enter a new time zone. So if you are going on a tour at a specific time, make sure you know your time zones.
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Ways we humans regionalize the earth

Climate Zones. We also use climate zone so make sure you know that the farther away you are from the equator the colder it gets. So in other words dress accordingly.
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Ways we humans regionalize the eath

Continents. We regionalize the earth by continents. So just know that there will be a huge body of water after a huge section of land.
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Travel Tips

  • Make sure to look at the Coral Reef when scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean
  • Rock climb when at Mt. Everest
  • Bring a camel or horse to ride in the Sahara Desert.[DON'T FORGET TO BRING WATER]