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I wanted to start producing an informational flyer with the intention of keeping you up-to-date about the Libraries at CSAT. In many schools across America, the school library becomes a forgotten place. It is the assumption of many that children no longer read books because of the increased use of personal technology devices. This could not be further from the truth! As a way of bringing an awareness to all, I wanted to document our numbers in a way that would be eye-catching and interesting for every reader. I hope you enjoy this informational flyer.


We now have our library catalog, Destiny, available 24/7! Just go to the website listed below in order to search our library catalogs, K-12.

Just a Fact:

The Colorado School Library Survey is administered each year by the Library Research Service, an office of the Colorado State Library. Surveys are sent to traditional K-12 public educational institutions. Statewide estimates are produced by weighting survey data to reflect the universe of school libraries in Colorado. Survey responses are totals based on results from the school library staff who participated in the survey. This report highlights results from the 2013-14 Colorado School Library Survey.

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E-books is the next big endeavor for the CSAT Libraries! We are hoping that next school year, we will be able to purchase 10 e-readers (iPads, nooks, or kindles) for each library and then begin the Libraries' ascent into the digital world. As you can see from the infographic above, there has been a 557% increase in the amount of e-books in Colorado library collections since 2009. It's time for CSAT Libraries to get on board!

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