5 ways to be successful in 6 grade

By: Andrew Schwob-Nelson


Quizlet HW

Here is the easiest part of reading is the quizlet they are the easiest way to get 100's. You have to do it well and you get a 100. So learn is very easy you type the word and if you get it right you get a 10 and so when you type all of them you should get a 100. Then there is 4 of them and they are easy 100's.


So here is all you have to do for the AOW. First you have to make a prediction statement. Then you underline keywords in the passage, and mark the text. Then you have to sop and jot which is like a few words per paragraph. Then last you answer the questions with the yes Ma'am strategy.

Wordly Wise

The wordly wise is another easy thing to do. All it is, is a small packet to do it takes sometime to get used to it. When you do it is very easy and you get easy 100's. Then you have the wordly wise test on friday which is another easy 100 or an A. That is all there is to the wordly wise.


You can get easy 100's if you do what your told. These novels are very easy to do and if can't get around to them your not using your time wisely. All you have to do is answer some questions and there is only a few. Sometimes you have to summarize what you read. Novels are the easiest part of reading in my opinion.

Reading log

One thing you should do is to stay on top of it. Don't wait to do it at the last second. If you do more then you should that will get you a better grade. If you do the bare minimum and don't do it all you will get a very bad grade. DON"T I REPEAT DON'T MAKE UP A BOOK that gets you in big trouble!!!



The homework may be long but it is somewhat easy. The homework is long but they are easy if you can put the effort to do it. When you do most of it you should get a 85-100. The stuff is easy it's only 8 pages!! I realized that in 3rd quarter that the homework is really easy.


These are also easy all the stuff you get is easy but there is a lot it. There is a a decent amount of stuff and it's pretty tuff. But the teacher is there to help you so if you don't get something don't be scared to ask for help.

Tenmarks /IXL / Buzz Math

let me tell you I hate and when I say this I hate Tenmarks. They say that it's 6th grade and it has 7/8th grade stuff which makes no sense. IXL is alright they are easy in this class you only have to 15 problems which is short. Same with buzz like tenmarks it has things that are said to be in 6th grade and it's not. I don't hate buzz math but later it gets really hard.


This is a tuff part of sixth grade because you have to use your free time. It is easy and you should be able to do it because it is a big part of 6th grade. It takes some time to get used to doing. You start it half way and you have till the end of the year.