Weekly Update

August 30, 2019


Thank you so very much for your thoughts on our Hospitality dues and guidelines! We have created new guidelines based on your input.

Hospitality Guidelines

1. Each staff member will contribute the following amounts yearly to Hospitality: Classified- $10.00, Certified-$20.00.

2. Hospitality will provide a gift card of $50 in the event of a death in the immediate family, if a staff member has surgery, retirements, and staff departures from CGE.

3. Hospitality will provide $40 to grade level teams so that they can provide a shower for first babies and first marriages.

4. Hospitality will provide items for a monthly/ bi-monthly treat cart for staff members.

5. Staff members will let Anna Cadden know of any needs within our school so that she can email the entire staff. This will keep us all informed of our school family needs and ensure no one is left out.

If you have already paid, Mrs. Reggie will refund the amount you are owed due to the new fees. If you have not given your dues to Mrs. Reggie, please do so. Thank you!

Open House

Our Open House will begin at 5:45 with a hot dog supper in our reading garden. Please plan to come out, eat, and mingle with families. For those of you without homerooms, we would very much appreciate your help with serving our families.

Please keep your classrooms doors shut and locked during supper. We will open classrooms at 6:30 and keep them open until 8:00. During this time, ALIVE Wesleyn will be providing a Kid's Week event for those families who have signed up. They will be in the cafeteria and gym. Those times are: K-2, 6:30-7:00 and 3-5, 7:30-8:00.

Please make sure you print the forms to get all of your parents signed up on SeeSaw.


Update from my previous email about iPads going home:

We are going to send you a list of your students who have paid the $29 iPad fee. If the fee is paid, iPads can go home. If the fee is not paid, iPads need to stay at school. All bricks and chords should be labeled with the child's name and should always remain at school.

All families must pay the $29 fee. If a family communicates to you that they cannot afford to pay the fee, tell them that they can be set up on a payment plan with Mrs. Reggie and pay as little as $1 a week. We have several families who have done this in the past.

Please make sure that students do not take out their iPads in the hallways in the morning and afternoon.


Remember that studies have shown improvement in achievement if students work on Dreambox 20 minutes a day. If you need help with Dreambox, just let us know.

The Thomas Family

One of our families experienced a house fire this week and lost everything. Jennifer has been able to take them clothes, some food, and items that they needed. They are staying in a hotel where their mom is hotel manager. We would like to have a hat day where students can wear a hat all day for $1 and give the money earned from this day to the family. The plan is to have Hat Day next Friday. We will advertise this to our students beginning Tuesday and let them know that the money will go to a needy family.

Thank you Joy!

A big Thank You to Joy Harvell for providing creamers and coffee for our staff! Be sure to let Joy know how much you appreciate her kindness!

Safeschools Online Training

We have all received emails from Safeschools Online training. Please be sure you are watching the videos and taking the assessments.

Secret Pals

If you would like to participate in Secret Pals where you will draw a name of a staff member and provide encouragement through notes and treats, please let Beth Waters know. She has offered to head this up for us. This will give us the opportunity to take care of one another and will be especially nice for us to communicate with those that we don't get to see often especially if your classrooms are on opposite halls. Please let her know by Thursday of next week if you want to participate. Thank you Beth!


We have a Cricut machine in our library. If you would like to check it out, you are welcome to do so. You will have to provide the vinyl and/or paper, but it is there to use if you would like to do so.

Team Meetings

Please be sure you check the Master Calendar for your team meeting dates.

Faculty Meeting

We need to meet next Wednesday for a short time so that Matt can train us all on the new substitute system. We will meet in the library Wednesday from 3:15-4:00.

Word of the Week

Our first Word of the Week will be Observe.

Upcoming Dates:

Check the master calendar and sign up for alerts so that you know when new information is added. :-)