Apple Accessibility

Take advantage of these built-in features!

Apple computers are built for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Apple product creators included features that make it easy for anyone to use their products. Some of these hearing features include FaceTime, closed captions, iMessage, screen flash, mono audio, and Purple Video Relay Services.

Visual Accommodations

Use FaceTime, closed captions, and iMessage to see what others may choose to hear.


Screen flash is an option that makes your screen turn into an alert. It is like a visual beep. The screen quickly flashes when an app on your Mac needs your attention.

Mono Audio

People with hearing impairment in one ear will rejoice with this feature! Audio is normally set to play in stereo, meaning different things play out of each side of your speakers or headphones. If you have trouble hearing out of one ear, you may miss something important that is only playing out of one side of the speakers. Students in a music classroom may find this feature helpful when listening to an assigned piece of music. Follow the picture instructions below to set your audio to mono, meaning everything in the audio is playing out of both sides of the speakers.
Go to System Preferences, and click on Accessibility.
From Accessibility, click on Audio. Click the box in front of "Play stereo audio as mono" to turn the feature on.
To adjust the level of audio coming out each side, click "Open Sound Preferences." From there, drag the audio to either the left or the right, depending on which side you need louder.

Never miss what others are hearing!

Visit the website below to explore more accessibility features of Apple computers.