The Holocaust

By. Taylor Hughes Academic 4

The Holocaust was an event where Adolf Hitler became dictator and killed about 6 million Jews. The killing of millions of people by Nazi Germans during WWII was a terrible time in history. Jews lost their jobs in government and in universities in April of 1933. In addition they were banned from going to public places and their property was vandalized. Other groups were also executed such as Poles and Russians. Some efforts to save Jews were made by Denmark and Swedish citizens. However, the Holocaust was about killing innocent people just because Hitler hated them.

Adolf Hitler's persecution of Jews began as soon as the Nazis came into power. In April 1933 Jews that worked in government lost their jobs and if they worked in universities they were vandalized. Many different groups such as Russians and Polish people were targets to the Nazis as well. They along with Jews were treated very cruelly by the German Nazi soldiers. Jews, Russians, and Poles were sent to concentration camps and were either worked to death or they died because of gas chambers. Adolf Hitler believed that Jews were the cause of all of Germany's problems and that all German's were perfect.

The Holocaust was when German soldiers and the Nazi party killed millions of people including Jews mostly. In April 1933, many Jewish people lost their jobs in government and in Universities because they were boycotted and vandalized by the Nazi soldiers. And other groups like Russians and Poles were also treated abusively by the Nazi party. Adolf Hitler was a German man who believed that groups including Jews, Russians, and Poles were the cause of all of Germany's problems. Hitler became the dictator of Germany and killed more than 6 million Jews.