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Rachael Ray was born in Glen Falls, New York on August 25th, 1968.

Her food career began as she grew up; her family was in the restaurant business, and she got jobs that included a gourmet food shop. These jobs she had gave her a training background of culinary skills. She had classes that taught people how to make 30 minute meals. A local television newscast found her, and Ray's first show was created based on her classes.

After her show had started, Ray wrote many cookbooks and had many programs. She has received an Emmy for 30 Minute Meals.

Ray has donated to charities and helped people of the world. In 2007, she teamed up with Bill Clinton to create the charity organization "Yum-O!" as to help children and families eat healthier. She has donated to a total of 22 charities.

Rachael Ray has been described as bubbly, goofy, generous, and vivacious. These traits that she has keep the attention of an audience and interests, amuses, and educates people all at once.