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Thursday April 30, 2020

District Tech Support Centers

CHROMEBOOK UPDATE: New Tech Support Center times Tues. Apr. 28 - 9am to 4pm Wed. Apr. 29 - 9am to 1pm Thurs. Apr. 30 - 9am to 1pm Fri. May 1st - 9am to 1pm Starting Mon., May 4th Mon, Wed & Fri. 9am to 1 p.m. For more info visit:
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Resource for Students, Parents, and Educators!

Wide Open School is a digital resource that makes learning, relaxing, and managing your time easy. They gather great non-educational/educational resources and put it a user-friendly menu that makes it easy for any family or student to navigate.

--Mr.Chris, Bethune Elementary

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Ms. Jasmine's Highlight of the Week

Computer Science is a fast-growing career where the median salary of those who work in it is $82,000 (this is a lot of money!). Do you know who was the first African American to earn a Ph.D in computer science? His name is Clarence "Skip" Ellis. Tom Joyner highlights him on his radio show. Check out this link to hear more about this pioneer of technology.
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Getting in Touch with Technology!

Ever wonder what makes touchscreens work? Many kids with smartphones or tablets may not know how much touchscreens have progressed in the last decade alone. In this video from SciShow, Michael packs a lot of information about the technology behind our technology into a short amount of time. You may have to watch this one twice, but you'll know so much more after viewing!

--Ms. Naomi, Duckrey Elementary

How Do Touchscreens Work?

Make a Movie with the Zimmer Twins

One of the best gifts technology has given us is the movie. This website is a fun & free way to animate your own movie.

--Ms.Robin, McMichael Elementary

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Benefits of Technology & the Right Kind of Screen Time for Children

Technology is great! Just remember everything is ok in moderation!

Coding Art

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar ELementary
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Soapy Science!

Nowadays, we may be washing our hands more than usual. Did you know a lot of science and engineering goes into that bar of soap we use every day? In this clip from the Discovery Channel's How Its Made, we're walked through the process of creating soap in a factory.

--Ms. Naomi, Duckrey Elementary

How it's Made: Soap Bars

Technology Activity

Kids love all things tech! Help your creative kids with coding, robots, and more! You’ll find all kinds of great science, technology, engineering, art, and math ideas woven into this set of technology projects for kids. Bookmark this page for great problem-solving ideas you can try!

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

Podcasts for Kids & Teens

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

One Republic VR Music Video

Check out 'Kids' by one Republic. One Republic partnered with Nokia Technologies, Universal Music Group and Interscope Records to create a unique VR experience for their newest single, 'KIDS.' You can decide what YOU want to see by using the navigation in the top left corner.
OneRepublic - Kids (360 version)
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Typing Practice

Check out these free typing games for different levels, free typing lessons, typing tests, and keyboarding activity for elementary students and beyond to provide online typing practice, typing tutor, and learn to touch type. Get in your games zone!
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Evaluation of Technology

We've all seen how much technology has evolved during our lifetimes what was big became small, what was small became even smaller, and computing power accelerates at bewildering speeds. So we've put together this comparative infographic of technological evolution for the perusal and delectation of techno-geeks everywhere.

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

Past and Present | Technology Then and Now
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Map Maker

A fun way to learn about map skills is to have your students create their own, unique map. A very EASY to use map maker website can be found below and was created by Use this digital tool to have your students create their own maps and then practice measurement with a digital ruler.
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Story Maker

Create stories starring Pinkalicious, Peter, and their friends!

Joke of the Day 😂

Why could the computer not take his hat off?

--Submitted by Mr. Chirs

Answer revealed in the next blast!

Previous Joke: What was the baby computer's first word?

Answer: Data ( dad-da)

Do you have a joke suggestion? Email it to and you might see your joke featured in the newsletter!

Student Spotlight

Noble, from Dunbar Elementary, has been spending this time during the quarantine playing video games, cooking his favorite foods, and working on his YouTube channel. Noble has been an active participant in Steppingstone Virtual Clubs. He is always energetic and positive. Congrats Noble on being our student of the week! Keep up the great work Noble!


How are you staying active during the school closure? Reading a good book? Trying a new hobby? Working on your homework? Getting physical activity? Let us know! Submit a picture and a short statement about how you are staying active and you could be featured in our next newsletter!
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