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Welcome Back Everyone!

Welcome Everyone!

Hello Students and Staff! This is our library's Welcome e-Newsletter. I will be giving you a preview and review of our library activities and events that happen through out the six weeks. There will also be useful information for both students and staff. Be sure to look for future editions at the end of each six weeks. You can click on the link listed below to learn more about me.

Your Librarian, Dalina Cavazos

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Bright Summer Reader Program

Students that read any books this summer turned in their Bright Summer Reader form for credit of participation. The forms were turned in to me, Mrs. Cavazos by the 3rd of October. ( We have winners for this year... they are 9th grade was Miranda Montano Rangel (withdrawn), 10th grade was Briana Garcia, 11th grade Tiffany Huerta, and 12th grade Adriana Rodriguez. Congratulations to all!
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Click on the link to see all the resources we worked on this summer. Many of the resources are good for all year around not just the summer.
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Click on the like to get to the Library Google Classroom

Then put the code listed above. Love to hear from you. Leave me as message on what other items you would like featured on the classroom.

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Remember we have MackinVia that holds many resources for all you academic needs. All you need to sign in is your school name then our school's username and password. There is also a backpack feature , where you can hold the books and ebooks you are interested in. To get a back pack you need to register using your Clever credentials.

If you happen to forget them, email me and I will get that information to you.

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This resource to many, many books is new on our list of resources.

All you have to do is log in through Clever.

It will ask you to do a short reading survey

and you will have access to

the book list available.

Thank You Library Services

Thank you Mrs. Nora Galvan for the wonderful books you were able to obtain for the students of PSJA through the Molina Grant. The students at Sonia Sotomayor P-TECH were very excited to have new books to read!
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Dalina Cavazos, LMS

I love to learn

Softhearted when it comes to books

Taught elementary for 14 years

Became a librarian in 2006

Google I certified