Egg drop experiment 2013

Brainstorming, Finding the problem, Experimenting

First of all we had to make some sort of thing that would protect the egg when they dropped it. What Katie and I did, was think of ways that we could make a product that would have the egg padded and safe. Then we had to gather all of are materials like, string, cardboard, tape, two cups, Styrofoam, paper, q-tips, straws, cottonballs, tooth picks two rubber bands, Popsicle sticks and that's all. We first, thought of a parachute type idea but, soon found out that would not work because the egg would fall out of the cup too easily because we only had one cup. Then we decided to add another cup on top and pad the insides of the cups, next we poked holes into the sides and put string through the holes. After that, we took the plastic bag poked holes in that then tied the string so it was connected to the cup. To sum up we had a parachute thing.

Adjustments, Explaining, How are egg did on the drop

After Katie and I made are first product we decided to add a cardboard box on the bottom for a better landing. After we drew it out and finished then we dropped it a couple a of times we liked it... but, it kept landing on its side and we didn't have all that much padding, so at the end we deiced to switch back to the old version. We changed it back to the parachute because we thought it would work better than all of our other ideas. Also Katie and I would think it would have a better landing and would go down slower. When are egg dropped it went down really fast and when it hit the ground are egg didn't survive the fall sadly. What I would do to change anything is not do the parachute design i would make a cardboard box and put it in there with a lot of padding also, use all of are materials. In conclusion are egg didn't make it, but i had a great experience with this experiment.