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Local Kids Deals Card Coordinators

Local Kids Deals Fundraising Cards are Expanding!

Looking for coordinators around the US!

Local Kids Deals Cards are fundraising cards sold by local kids groups, teams, schools, and non-profits to raise money for their organizations. Local businesses sponsor the cards with discounts and perks when the card is shown and get listed on the Local Kids site in their community.

Coordinators are responsible for finding and setting up the groups to sell the cards; and finding local businesses to sponsor them and get advertising on the Local Kids site/s.
The pay is commission based and coordinators make money both on the number of cards sold and the number of businesses recruited.

The Ideal candidate is:
  • Community oriented and has great contacts, social connections, and networks with kid’s teams, groups, schools, and local businesses.
  • Is comfortable talking to businesses about sponsorship and does not mind doing cold-calls to support a good cause.
  • Is detail oriented and able to follow a time-line to make sure all the details for the fundraiser are put in place on time.
  • Is goal oriented and works hard to achieve both personal and professional goals.
  • Is independent, flexible, and does not need someone supervising every step of a project.

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The Local Kids Network is currently hiring 2 - 3 Local Kids Deals Card Coordinators in the following cities: Orlando, DC, Boston, Baltimore, New York, Dallas, Chicago, LA, and Hampton Roads, VA

Learn more about this position at and use the Contact Us button to submit a request for an interview.