Junk food

Junk food shold be banned at school

Have you ever felt sick by eating too much junk food? Well, Ibelive that junk food should be banned at school because of all these reasons I have given down below.
My first reason is, it is not healthy because it has too much sugar, it can make you sick. If you have too much ,the sickness may spread and cause a very very big problem.
My second reason is , it can make you fat which means you are going to gain weight. You can also get addicted to it and one of the worst things that may happen to you is you can stop eating healthy food.
My last reason is, you can totally change ito someone else and an example is, if you are fast at running , always come first and you start liking junk food and start eating too much of it you might just be last. Also you can be really lazy because you are stuffed of junk food.
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In conclusion I belive that junk food should be banned at school because it's not healthy, you can get fat and you can totally change into someone else.