By C.Buchanan

Who is Aristotle?

Aristotle was a very famous Greek philosopher. He was a tutor of Alexander the Great, and a student to Plato. He was a great teacher with focuses towards science, marine life, and meteorology. He also identified the water cycle. He also was an author of a few major writings. Aristotle's major writings include Categories, On Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics.

What is Aristotle famous for?

Aristotle is famous for being an ancient philosopher and being a teacher. Two big reasons he is famous are the fact he was a tutor of Alexander the Great, and he was a student of Plato. He was an amazing teacher. He taught science, marine life, and meteorology. He was a very intelligent man, which is one of the biggest reasons he is so famous.

Aristotle and his school mates

Why was Aristotle a philosopher?

Aristotle was a very smart man, which leads up to him being a philosopher. He taught science, marine life, and meteorology. All those lead up to him being very smart which lets him have potential to be a philosopher. One of his main area focuses was his systematic logic which is where he focused most of his philosophy.

Where was Aristotle during his major events?

Aristotle was born in a small town on the northern coast of Greece called Stagira. He moved to Athens when he enrolled in Plato's academy. He then moved back around his home in Macedonia to teach Alexander the Great. Most of his famous events happened around Macedonia and his home.

When did Aristotle become famous?

One of the reasons Aristotle became a famous man was when he enrolled in Plato's academy and became extremely intelligent. He then became a well known philosopher after he became one of the smartest men in Greece. He also tutored Alexander the Great, which gave him a lot of fame after because Alexander became so famous.