Bahavia Dream Getaway

Perfect Destination for Everyone

An Eco-Friendly Holiday Spot

Bahavia Dream Island may seem like all other resort Islands on the outside but is actually much different. Our Island provides a completely eco-friendly, enjoyable holiday experience. Our staff are friendly, efficient and you are provided with services such as a day spa which are sure to relax you. But if you are looking for an adventure holiday our resort is equip with a bike track and we are located just 2 minutes walking distance of the wonder that is Jaraquay waterfall. Bahavia Island is located just to the east of Hawaiis main Island of Hawaii. To get to Bahavia, you will need to catch a sea plane from Hawaii to Bahavia which run at different times all day and can be booked through Hawaii's airport and a travel agency.Whatever you need or desire, Bahavia Dream Island Resort has!

Our Facilities:

Come To Bahavia Dream Island Resort

Our unique design and layout creates a simple and efficient holiday resort. Our resort is located right on the beach and allows our guests a swimming and boating area. In our resort there is also a bike track for the more adventure-seeking guests which is also easily accessible.

This is Bahavia Dream Island Resort!

If you want to have an eco-friendly, relaxing, enjoyable, completely new and modern holiday experience, choose Bahavia's number 1 Resort holiday destination.
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