05th November ,2013

Mobile Phones

How did we get it?

I bought my phone from a frend. My sister got her phone as a present for her bithday from parents. and my father got his phone from work.

How much did it cost?

My phone cost 50 litas. I don't know for sure how much my parents paid for my sisters phone, but i think it costs about 350 litas. And my father got his phone for free.

What plan do we use?

I and my sister boutht use Labas plan and my father use Tele2.

How much do we pay per month?

I pay abaut 5 litas, my father pays 30 litas and my sister pays from 10 to 15 litas per month.

What is the use of a mobile phone for us?

I and my sister boutht use our telephones for the same activities and they are text meseging, comunication, playing games and listening to music. and my father mostly uses his phone for comunicating and working, it's wery helpful for him becouse he can find the people he is looking for much faster.