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Remote Learning Edition

August 18, 2020


Helping Your Child Succeed During Remote Learning


  • Establish a student work space that they will use each day. If possible, this space should be a "school" setting (table or desk) rather than their bed or sofa.
  • Keep their work space free of distractions - TV and radio off, cell phone put aside

Habits & Routine

  • Establish a regular "wake up" time each day to develop a routine.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast before school begins.
  • Have all supplies and materials organized at the work space.
  • Be sure to charge your device every evening.
  • Post a daily schedule.
  • Check in regularly with your child about assignment and activity due dates.
  • When your child has a break, encourage a movement break and healthy snack.

Supplies Needed

Workbooks, textbooks and misc. supplies will be sent home, along with your child's device.

Supplies we suggest you get for your child:

  • one folder
  • pencils
  • one spiral notebook or loose leaf notebook paper
  • headphones

School Hours


8:00-9:00 Office Hours

9:00-1:00 Class

1:00-2:00 Lunch/Break

2:00-3:00. Class

3:00-3:30 Office Hours


8:00-12:00 Class

12:00-1:00 Lunch/Break

1:00-2:00. Class

2:00-3:30. Office Hours

Each teacher will share a daily schedule.