Family STEM Newsletter

Late Summer- 2021 Vol. 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the Family STEM Connection, Boone Meadow’s quarterly newsletter about all things STEM!

It is our goal to help families become more connected to our school community and to help children transfer what they are learning in school to the world outside of the classroom as well. We view parents as partners with us in student learning and success.

Boone Meadow (along with all the elementary schools in Zionsville) has been certified as an Indiana Department of Education STEM School since 2015; we recently renewed our certification in 2020. As a STEM School, the Boone Meadow community places emphasis on teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We know these disciplines are integral to preparing our students for success in the 21st century. In addition, we strive toward:

  • Integration of STEM throughout the school day – not a silo approach,

  • inquiry and project-based learning,

  • community engagement,

  • student-centered learning environments,

  • out-of-school STEM opportunities.

Read on to see what concepts we are exploring and how you can join us in our learning.

Life Science

Life Science - This quarter, all of Boone Meadow will be studying life science. Our classroom teachers will guide students through a rich array of hands-on science investigations utilizing everything from insects to crayfish, the school garden to textbooks, grass seeds to bean plants. We invite you to get involved with us, too! Join us for our BME Bioblitz, talk to your children about what they are exploring and learning in the classroom, try out some of our At Home Activities and Family Field Trip ideas.

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STEM Family Gathering

SAVE the DATE: Saturday, October 2nd from 9-noon, join us for the Boone Meadow Bioblitz. Teams of BME families and local nature experts will scour the BME campus for all living things – trees, flowers, and other plants, insects, birds, other animals – and catalog their findings using identification apps like Seek, iNaturalist, and Merlin Bird ID. Your family can take pictures of our flora and fauna and add to our own BME Nature Guide. (If you have expertise in this area and would like to help Mrs. Benson at the event, please reach out here!)

(Note: Oldie but goodie photo of previous BME students)

Family Field Trip Ideas...

Field trips are great ways to provide context for understanding the content students learn in classrooms and textbooks. This fall, why not get out and enjoy the natural world in Indiana! Our town and state parks are a great way to see life cycles, plant and animal structures, and native habitat systems up close.

Some nearby parks to explore are:

Fort Harrison State Park and Nature Center on Indy’s northeast side

Eagle Creek’s Earth Discovery Center and Ornithology Center on Indy’s northwest side

Zionsville’s own Starkey Park or Elm Street Green

Zionsville Nature Center at the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library

Attend Creekfest with Zionsville Parks -

At Home Activities –

Check out books about plants and animals from the public library, plant bulbs now for colorful spring blooms, go on an insect hunt in your backyard or local park, use the iNaturalist app to learn more about the plants and animals in your own backyard.
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