Inspire Elementary Weekly Update

November 15, 2019

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November 25th-29th Thanksgiving Break

December 20th Field Trip to the Ballet

December 23rd - January 3rd Winter Break

The Principal's Corner

What is Social-Emotional Development?

Social-emotional development is a child’s ability to understand the feelings of others, control their own feelings and behaviors, and get along with peers. In order for children to attain the basic skills they need such as cooperation, following directions, demonstrating self-control and paying attention, they must have social-emotional skills.

Feelings of trust, confidence, pride, friendship, affection, and humor are all a part of a child’s social-emotional development. A child’s positive relationship with trusting and caring adults is the key to successful social and emotional development.

Social and emotional development involves the acquisition of a set of skills. Key among them are the ability to:

Identify and understand one’s own feelings;

Accurately read and comprehend emotional states in others;

Manage strong emotions and their expressions in a constructive manner;

Regulate one’s own behavior;

Develop empathy for others;

Establish and sustain relationships.

Each of these skills develop on their own timetable and build upon one another. The foundation of social-emotional development begins in infancy. A two-month-old infant is soothed and smiles at the voice of an adult. When the caregiver talks to the child, he/she will fixate on the face of the loved one. Being able to read your child's cues and attending to them from the day they are born starts the creation of social-emotional development in your child. You are creating a secure, trusting and loving relationship with your child.

As children become of school age we begin to see these social-emotional skills begin to affect their success in the classroom. While a child may be very high functioning from an academic or cognitive perspective, they may also be unable to work in groups or function independently enough to recognize the learning needs of others without prompting.

At Inspire Elementary we encourage students and parents to utilize the skills we teach in programs like Yoga to begin to learn how to self regulate their actions and responses to control the impulsivity and reactive responses during challenging moments.

Our routines and practices are focused around creating a safe environment while encouraging seven core characteristics needed to be successful: imagination, communication, kindness, perseverance, critical thinking, respect, and responsibility.

By keeping these characteristics the focus of our educational program we believe that we can help our students become superior both socially and academically.

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Field Trip to the Ballet

We are looking forward to our annual field trip to the Ballet Met to see The Nutcracker. We will be going to the ballet on Friday, December 20th and are looking for parent chaperones. If you are interested in going, please speak with Ms. Jasmine or call the office at 614-505-5718.

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