Will You Stop Smoking?

By, Jesi Ramos

The Effects of Smoking

Smoking just doesn't affect you, it affects everyone around you as well. Think about your family. When you smoke around them they get the same smoke you're burning. Think about it when they have to take care of you. Are you really going to be burden to them?

Whats In Them?

Acetone– Used in solvents like nail polish remover ·

Ammonia– Adds flavor and enhances the effect of nicotine.

Benzene– Used as a solvent in fuel and in industry. It’s known to cause cancer in humans and is particularly associated with leukemia. ·

Cadmium– A highly poisonous metal that is also used to make batteries. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, repeated exposure to cadmium, even at relatively low concentrations, may result in kidney damage and an increased risk of cancer of the lungs and of the prostate. ·

Carbon Monoxide– An odorless gas that’s lethal in large doses. ·

Formaldehyde– Used to preserve dead bodies, it’s a carcinogen that causes respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. ·

Hydrogen Cyanide- “It is among the most toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Short-term exposure can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.” (Health Canada) ·

Lead- “Lead is highly toxic metal capable of causing serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system and red blood cells.” (US EPA) ·

Mercury– Yep, the stuff in thermometers. ·

Tar– It’s the stuff that actually transports many of the other chemicals contained in cigarette smoke directly into the body.

Nicotine- The chemical that makes cigarettes as addictive as they are– as additive as cocaine and heroin. When you take a drag on a cigarette, the nicotine is absorbed into the blood and eight seconds later it reaches your brain and you get a “hit”. This nicotine hit causes other things to happen to your body including increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and constriction of blood vessels.

Need Help?

In order to stop cut back your intake. Take small little baby steps to quitting. Reduce your Cigarette count by 1 each day sooner you will get down to none. Become more active and do the things that you love. Play sports and be active to take your mind off of smoking. Start counting the days of how long you have bee sober from smoking. Days will lead to weeks and weeks will lead to months. If you feel the need to relapse just think about you and your family. Be sure not to cheat yourself! You can do this, and you're not alone.

Personal Experience

I too used to smoke. When my family found out they were really disappointed at me. It was hard at first to stop because in my eyes I thought it would help me with my stress. It really didn't and I was just hurting my body. I didn't really know exactly what was in them but now I know the risk and what's inside of them. I don't want to ruin the rest of my life all because I made the poor decision to start smoking. So please, just stop and don't ever do it again.