Bens Big Book Of Monsters

By:Ben Dehmer


Do you want to know how to be safe from monsters? Well,if you do then this is the book for you! Read this book to know how to be safe from monsters!

The mark of the wolf

Now I need to tell you look out for werewolf's! There very,very dangerous. Now the mark can pretty much be a picture of anything. A star a paw print. The mark is wherever the werewolf bit you. The chest,arm,hand anywhere. Nw the next chapter will be about how you get to be a werewolf.

How to get turned into a werewolf

You get to be a werewolf by getting BIT by a werewolf. There is no other way to get turned into a werewolf. so if you got bit by a WOLF... you have nothing to worry about.Now if your wondering who the 1st werewolf was I will tell you my guess. Probably,before wolfs there were werewolf's. And they started all the werewolf's back then. Now in the next chapter you'll find out what werewolf's do.

What werewolf's do

Werewolf's don't do much. They do these things:Bite,eat,transform into humans in the day. That's pretty much it. See? Told you they don't do much.

What are werewolf's?

Werewolf's are very dangerous creatures. You should ALWAYS stay alert of werewolf's. ESPECIALY in the forest.Werewolf's are humans, just morphed into wolfs. No they are not one of those monsters were if you don't kill them they will not die. Because, there just morphed humans. Even know werewolf's are very dangerous, there very misunderstood creatures. There only dangerous to people who haver "the mark". The mark is on the hand of the the next werewolf's victim. So if you suddenly notice a mark you've never had before... lock your windows and doors and hid in a closet. This is it about werewolf's but I got some more info on OTHER monsters.

What is The Blob?

The blob is a... blob.There's not much to say in this chapter. But I will tell you some facts. The blob is very aggressive. He is not misunderstood like the werewolf. Also,the blob is never,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,EVER friendly. It probably does not even know where it is going(see why on at end of chapter.) There, now you know some facts about The Blob now on to the next chapter!

What The Blob does

The blob eats everything in its path. Trees,rocks,even houses! But it does have a weakness... it can't climb!(see why in next chapter.) So f you get to very,very,very high ground it can't get you! That's pretty much all it does so now you'll find out those things I've been telling you about at the end of of the chapter!

What The Blob looks like

The blob has no arms,no legs,no eyes,and no mouth! It's just a giant,big,humongaus pink puddle of blob that moves! Yes,I said it was pink. So it could be a boy or a girl. I hope it's a boy. Not a girl. That's about it about the blob. But I've got plenty more info on other monsters.

What is the invisble boy

The invisble boy is... an invisble boy. there's not much to tell about the invisble boy. So this will be a short chapter. The invible boy was found in a boys room on another planet. From my memory he wears a blue shirt and jeans. I could be wrong though.

What The Invisble Boy poses as

The invisble boy poses as a ghost. I mean what else would he pose as? I mean,he wouldn't just pose as the tooth fairy! He is a mischievous ''ghost''. Like if your in a school race...he'll lift you off the ground! Now... on to the next chapter.

what the sponge does

The sponge just brings you more and more bad luck. I mean,it makes sense because it is a bad luck charm. It's like ''just one of those days.'' and then your house explodes. That won't actually happen it's just an example. It's like,it just gets worse,and worse,and worse. I know what your thinking. '' Where was the sponge found?'' here I'll tell you in the next chapter.

where the sponge was found

The sponge was found...well,under a sink. Yeah,perfect place for a ambush. Look out for a sponge that looks like its been used a thousand million times. Because it will grow eyes and a mouth because it will bring you bad luck. Were almost done so don't stop now!

What is Slappy

Slappy is a ventriloquist dummy. But he is no regular dummy...he's a living dummy! He first came to life when a little girl wanted a new dummy because her present dummy's head falls off. So her dad bought a mew dummy that came to life! Slappy. Keep reading to find out where he was found!

Where Slappy was found

Slappy was found in a big chest in the dad's work. That's how the little girl got Slappy. There's nothing to say so...let's move on.

How Slappy came to life

Slappy came to life because the little girl read the card in his suit that said a magic spell that brought him to life. Who ever reads the card Slappy says that there his ''slave''. So don't read the card!

How to know if hes's alive

You know if he's alive if Slappy keeps doing things that you don't do. And he only stops when the parents come in. So basically you'll know if he gets you in a lot of trouble. That's the end of my book,see ya next time!