Pro Life

Abortion is Abortion

Having a late term abortion is no different than having an early term abortion!

1. It stops a beating heart!
  • as early as 6-8 weeks you are able to hear a heartbeat

2. There are other alternatives that can be taken!

  • adoption

3. It takes away the rights and liberty the baby would of had and life in general!

  • takes away their freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bare arms, and the right to vote

Counter Argument

Pro abortionist say that the baby is not alive until until the mother has given birth and the baby has taken its first breathe, so it's okay to have an abortion because you aren't killing anyone.


We pronounce a person dead once their heart stops beating so if the baby has a heartbeat and is stopped it is dead.

The Heartbeat Bill was just recently passed saying that if the fetus has a heartbeat you are unable to have an abortion.

Abortion is Abortion

Late or early term it is still stopping a beating heart, taking away a life that had so much potential