SHS Library Media Center

West Fargo Summer School - 2016

We are here to help!

Library Media Center Dates and Hours

Hours - Tuesdays and Thursdays - 7:30-noon

(May 31-June 30)

We are hoping you will use this time to make arrangements to come in and check out books, use some of our excellent resources for research or projects, and check out items that you or students may need over the week.

Lori Liebl, Linda Swanson, Elly Holland - We are here to help!

Several of us will be working over the summer. The easiest thing is to call us at 3299, but if you choose to email us, please email all of us!

Students and Library Resources

  • Please be aware that all students need to access the databases through Office 365.
  • The databases for both schools are on Office 365, and if you choose to have the students use Sheyenne or WFHS, they have both Libraries available to them (If you would like help with teaching a lesson on usage of certain databases or help with a research kind of project, please email Lori Liebl to make arrangements! She will be happy to stop out if available and help!)
  • If the student is from outside our district, please have that student stop down the first day to make sure he or she has access.
  • Noodletools is the citation app that our district utilizes. If you would like help with this, again, contact Lori, and she will gladly co-teach with you. The research world is forever changing, and we can be of assistance to you with these needs.

For the teachers...

What do we have for you?

  • Books, books, books!!
  • Headphones - with and without mics
  • Videos
  • Magazines - to be checked out
  • Cameras - video and still
  • Old Magazines for projects
  • scanners - portable
  • Cricut Machine - Used in LMC only