Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of November 26 - December 2


Monday, November 26

Laney's Birthday

MAPS Meeting - 7:00 pm

Tuesday, November 27

4th Grade Music Program School Performance - 9:00 am

4th Grade Music Program - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 28

MAPS Hero Night - 5:00 to 8:00 pm

Thursday, November 29

Disability Awareness Committee - 8:00 am

Friday, November 30


Thank you:

staff members that were able to attend the Food for Thought service project. We had a great turn out, your time is greatly appreciated!

staff for a productive professional development day!


We will celebrate Laney's birthday all week. Students will be invited to the community room after announcements to put their quarters in the bucket and wish Laney a Happy Birthday. Each classroom will be getting a scarf to decorate. Each week we will draw a scarf and that class will receive a special Laney visit.

Due to school being cancelled last week, the 4th grade music program will be Tuesday, November 27 at 9:00 am for the school. Please try to bring your class to the performance.

The MAPS meeting has been rescheduled as well, they will meet Monday, November 26 at 7:00 pm in the media center.

Make sure to mark your calendars:

December 7 - staff potluck

December 13 - staff meeting (moved up one week)

December 14 - staff holiday celebration at Loma Linda's - quarter auction to raise money for the Spanbauer family

December 18 - staff lunch provided by Betsey

December 18 - staff caroling

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

I read this great blog post over the weekend and it "hits the nail on the head." Your hard work IS noticed! Please take time to really relax and enjoy the break! Once back, we only have 20 days and winter break will be here!

Exhausted educator, I see you. - Beth Houf

In your classroom teaching, working hard to meet the needs of all your students. Engaging, motivating, educating, empowering all the while being thrown obstacles that could easily derail your best laid plans.

I See You

Pouring your heart into the mental and emotional needs of your students. Intervening, worrying, researching to figure out how to help in situations you had no part in creating.

I See You

Struggling to keep your sanity and calm. Smiling bravely even though you want to cry at times. Volunteering to help, even though you are behind because you know our kids need it. Staying positive even though you feel anything but.

Exhausted counselor and student support personnel, I see you.

Seeing and hearing things that take your breath away. Balancing multiple responsibilities while being ready to handle an emergency at any moment. Barely keeping up with the endless demands and expectations.

I See You

Putting your needs behind others. Helping families navigate systems of support. Sitting in endless meetings. Putting together plans of support and then tweaking and then tweaking again until it’s just right. Leading with a smile, every single day, although you feel the weary slipping in.

Exhausted nurse, I see you.

Some days running triage that resembles an ER. Taking care of the physical and emotional well being of so many.

I See You

Smiling through the sickness. Caring and loving our kids. No matter what.

Exhausted custodian, I see you.

Getting to school before everyone and staying after, just to make our building shine. Creating a warm and safe environment that you know becomes home to so many.

I See You

Seeking out that student at lunch that was alone. Checking in and developing relationships with students.

I See You

Never complaining, no matter which call you may receive. Cleaning messes you didn’t create, with a smile.

Exhausted paraprofessional, I see you.

Helping students that need that little extra. Having patience beyond measure.

I See You

Staying positive when times get tough. Trying any strategy at all to find student success.

Exhausted food service staff, I see you.

Keeping our kids nourished. Smiling and greeting students, even when manners aren’t returned.

I See You

Making a difference and building relationships outside of the classroom. Seeking out those students sitting alone and ensuring they have a connection.

Exhausted administrative assistant, I see you.

Answering the phone, the door, the buzzer and walkie talkie in rapid fire mode at times.

I See You

De-escalating the concerned parent, teacher, student, principal. Trying to support everyone.

I See You

Keeping our school going by doing all the behind the scene things that most people don’t realize get done. With a smile. All day, every day.

Exhausted bus driver, I see you.

Getting our kids to school safely, no matter the weather. Managing behaviors while driving. Noticing when things aren’t quite right and letting us know.

I See You

Celebrating our students. Developing one more positive relationship so our kids know that they are supported. Going above and beyond.

Exhausted speech/language pathologist, OT, PT, school psychologist, therapist, I see you.

Trying to support and find your niche. Working to always find ways to help kids be successful. Attending PD that doesn’t always quite apply, and making it work.

I See You

Being flexible and doing whatever it takes for all students to be successful.

Exhausted administrator, I see you too.

You give your all every day. Trying so hard to be everything to everyone. Staying strong when times get tough, to help be the strength for others.

I See You

Responding to support students when they may be at their worse. Loving them through it. Realizing that fair and equal aren’t the same.

I See You

Staying calm in difficult situations. Smiling when you want to scream. Saving the tears until the door closes. Learning that sometimes people are just angry, and you are the one receiving the message.

I See You

Trying to find that balance between instructional leader and manager. Giving feedback. Showing appreciation. Finding ways to bring positivity into the schoolhouse. Realizing you are the emotional guide for others. And trying to ensure you are being that positive model. Even when inside you aren’t feeling it.

We are all one team.

We are all trying our hardest and bringing our best each and every day.

Realness? Struggle? Frustration? Heck yes, but life is too short and our work is too important for blame, shame and negativity.

Our kids matter.

Our staff matter.

You matter.

Take time in the spirit of Thanksgiving to be giving to yourself.




Thank you for being a life-changer!