Can you put it to the test at Acqua Incorporated?

About Acqua

Why be a Pharmaceutical Statistician at Acqua Incorporated? Here at Acqua Incorporated, we are one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in Pittsburgh that encourage our Statisticians to do the best they can here and are flexible with our employees. As our pharmaceutical company grows each year, so does the need for statisticians to design clinical trials, collect information about drugs' effects, and ten thousands of chemical compounds to find which ones cure with which ailments. Also, we inspire and require our workers to set goals, analyze and interpret data, and develop training programs for the organization's representatives. This job is the perfect career for someone who enjoys to travel! We require that our upcoming employees have a master's degree in mathematics, statistics, or survey methodology. The plus is, NO TRAINING NEEDED! But the REAL question is, Can you do it? At Acqua Incorporated, the median annual wage of Statistician is $98,530, which is a well payed job. Acqua Inc is located right in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh! If interested, please notice the information below and contact us promptly!

Acqua Incorporated: (1800)-AQU-4407

235 Fort Duquesne Boulevard Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222