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Technology Ideas for SUCCESS!

Create a Form to Obtain Parent Infomation

Using Google Forms, create a form that collects student information. Check out an example form here: The answers are collected in a Google Spreadsheet and stored in your Google Drive.

Use QR Codes to Inform and Organize

Create QR codes using any free QR code website. Simply Google search: QR Code Creator. The QR codes below were created here: Parents will need a QR code reader on their smartphone OR you can have iPads with a QR Code reader available for guests to use. If parents need a QR code reader, i-nigma is the best one to use!

Allow Guests to Interact With Your SMARTBoard

Create or find a SMART Notebook file that allows parents and students to interact with the SMART Board. You can find one online at SMART Exchange or you can use this owl themed one that was created for you:

Organize Transportation Information for the First Week

Allow parents and students to drag their name under the correct transportation category for each day of the first week of school. Save the template and refer to it if students have any confusion the first week of school. Download a template here: Modify the file to fit your needs.
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