Library Update 4th 9 Weeks

Put It On Your Calendar

  • Set new AR goals and prepare for current nine weeks: NOW!
  • Book Fair: NEXT WEEK 7:45 AM to 4:00PM . Wednesday open until 5:00.
  • 3rd grade Author Visit: April 12th
  • 3rd 9 weeks AR party: April 13th
  • Name That Book Competition: April 14th @ FIS
  • Reading Award Night (top 20 point earners per GRADE): May 7th
  • AR Points Due for 4th 9 Weeks: May 11th
  • End of AR for the year: May 11th
  • All STUDENT library books due: May 11th
  • Teachers need to secure library books for their classroom for STAR testing (if needed): week of May 7th
  • 4th 9 weeks AR Incentive Party: May 18th (fourth grade will be on a different day TBD)

Prepare AR For The New 9 Weeks

  • LABEL the student library folder with current reading level. Some folders have not been updated all year. This hinders the effectiveness of the library. Please help us.
  • Set the student goal for the current 9 weeks within the AR program. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  • If you prefer, place the reading level blocks in the AR program (this keeps the student from testing above/below their level). This step is OPTIONAL.

Helpful Tips and Tricks- PLEASE READ

The following are a few things I think you NEED to know:

  • PLEASE have students shut all the way down periodically (once a week at least). This process will catch any updates. Some of the "glitches" we've experience are from this not happening.
  • PLEASE have students bring their chromebooks every single library visit (1st-4th).
  • PLEASE make sure you are charging chromebooks often. They are dying in the library frequently. Suggestion? Make this a child's "job" each day before leaving. Royer does this and it is EFFICIENT!
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep up with the student chromebook repair reporting. If a screen is cracked, log a ticket. If a chromebook will not charge, log a ticket. Our techs have a quick turn around. However, they can't fix these things if they don't know they are broken.

It's That Time of Year....

This deserves it's own section, people!

It's that time of year where student chromebooks are COVERED in snot and boogers. This week I almost THREW UP when I used a student trac pad on the chromebook and it had booger texture on the whole thing! I can't do it anymore! Hahahahah!

I FINALLY have an acceptable answer on how to clean these disgusting devices. The answer is.....ALCOHOL WIPES!!! Please purchase some and wipe those suckers DOWN!!!