Who Did Ben Send Home?

The Bachelor

Ben Higgins Chance for Love

Ben Higgins captured the heart of so many women across the country on Kaitlyn's season. Now it's his chance to find love. On his first night there he met 28 women and two are from other seasons. The ladies were already starting to feel jealousy when Mandi took away Ben when he was talking to Lace. Lace started to freak out calling Mandi manipulative. Ben came and found Lace and apologized for when he left to talk to Mandi. Then the first impression rose came in and everything became intense. He left to go find Olivia Caridi. When she came back with the rose the ladies were visibly uncomfortable because it was time for the rose ceremony. He picked his top choices and at the final rose he picked Lace. That is when things got interesting Lace walked up to him and told him she was upset because he did not look at her. He explained to her that he wanted her to stay that is why he gave her the rose. Yet she was still unsatisfied. Just the first night and seven girls did not make the first cut, Including Breanne, Izzy, Laura, Lauren R, Meagan, and Tiara. This is the season to watch.