Andrew Jackson

A Well Known Zero

Responsible for Trail of Tears

Many Native Americans were forced to leave the land of Georgia, that they had rightfully owned, and resettle to Oklahoma. They took it to court and that was the court case Worcester v. Georgia. The Native Americans won and they had the right to stay on their land. Jackson Ignored this ruling and forced them out anyways. thousands of Native Americans died and this is know as The Trail Of Tears. Why would anyone call this man a hero?

The Spoils System

Wouldn't you think that you would actually have to work hard and study the government to get a job in government??? Not if your friends with Andrew Jackson. He put his friends in office, some in which had little to NO EXPERIENCE and called it the spoils system. Its not that comforting news that your government is being run by people who have no idea what they are doing either.

Over Use of the Veto

In Andrew Jackson's eight years of office he used the presidential Veto TWELVE TIMES. The six presidents before him only used the veto ten times altogether. He was clearly abusing his power as president. The past presidents accomplished things without vetoing twelve bills.

Political Cartoon

This Political Cartoon shows that Jackson didn't follow the rules of the constitution because the constitution is ripped up under his feet. Also it shows that he vetoed bills a lot because he is holding a paper in his hand that says veto. The cartoon is trying to show that Andrew Jackson is acting like more of a king than a president.