Mrs. Schares' 1st Grade Newsletter

December 2015

What Are We Learning?


We will be starting Topic 5: Work with addition and subtraction equations. This will involve word problems, true or false equations, finding the missing number, and introducing three addends. We are also building our fluency in our math facts and will be focusing on subtracting one and two.


We are really going to start practicing how to retell a story. When we retell a story we need to include the main characters, the beginning, middle, and end. First graders have been practicing this orally but now we will put it into our writing. This something you can do at home as well! When you finish a book or a chapter ask your child to tell you what happened. If it is a non-fiction book ask them to tell you something they learned.


For the next couple of months we will be working on writing a "how to" piece. As a class we wrote "How to get dressed for the snow" Students are to include the transition words first, next, then and last.

Social Studies

Our next chapters are looking closer at maps and how we use them. And we will also be looking at what geography is. First graders will be able to describe and identify mountains, valleys, deserts, plains, islands, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Important Information

Winter Party

On December 18th the school will perform the Snowflake Sing-a-long. After that we will have a little class party to kickoff winter break.

Scholastic Book Orders

Orders are due December 10th. And they should be sent to school before winter break begins.