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Dear Dao,

dao so my best friend is like mad at me for some reason and idk why and so she took me off of her social media bio, she told me her sister hated me because i was "mean" and she was ignoring me all of monday thats why i didnt go to school today.she also told me that she didnt want to be besties anymore just friends and that made me really sad because i dont even know what i did and i said i was sorry 10000s of times and im still crying over our friendship.

- confused and hopeless

Dear "confused and hopeless",

Ok, what you need to know is that you can never be desperate. Don't cry over broken friendships, etc., because those broken ones, are preparing you for the biggest & longest friendship. Other people might say, "Oh, well why don't you ask her why she's mad at you?", well, that's not what I'm about to say. It doesn't matter why she's mad at you, & for reasons I am sure are very stupid. But listen, like always, this is middle school, middle school means "drama" that's hilarious to listen to & watch (Sorry, but it's true.). Anyways, what the fudge (No cussing!) does it mean when someone takes you out of their bio? HELLO? It's THEIR bio, & they could've been "hacked", note, hacked doesn't mean someone that knows the password to your phone goes onto your IG & takes a selfie. That is not hacked, & people aren't taking the word hacked seriously enough. I swear, I am going to laugh when one of those people that got "hacked" by their friend actually gets hacked by a real hacker. Back to what I was saying, it's there bio, you don't have to be in their life & they don't have to be in yours! Her being mad at you shouldn't mean that you don't go to school. Don't let her mistake ruin your education & future career. Everyone needs that someone or something to survive middle school w/, & I guess that just isn't her. Sorry.

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