The Death Cure

By: James Dashner

The book I have finished is the Death Cure witch is the third book in the Maze Runner series.The main character is Thomas in three out of four books. He is sixteen,has no family because the all got the flare and are not immune,he has a interesting personalty. The main problem Thomas and his friends known as the Gladers, have is escaping WICKED,while trying to survive in the apocalypse.The Gladers are successful at escaping WICKED because of the head of WICKED who is actually good.The genre is Science Fiction Because it is in the future with high tech electronics. Also it is in the apocalypse. The author of the series is James Dashner. My favorite part is when Thomas near the end of the book is in the woods were everything is quiet and peaceful. Another scene is when the Gladers are in a fight with WICKED guards and a head directer. I recommend this book to anybody who likes action and adventure ,also drama.Finally, I would have to say that this was a good end to a tillage.


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- There are 324 pages

- The book has 73 chapters

- The last book in the trilogy


Over all the book has made me sad because my favorite character dies by being shot in the head,also it made me kind of happy when Thomas is in the woods.
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