Come Give Us Your Blood!

The Reese Highschool Blood Drive wants your blood today!


Come give us your blood today! (or March 18th, we don't care). Every time you donate blood you can save up to 3 human lives, or 1 hungry vampire, what we do with your blood is our business! All in all though, we really need your blood, and don't worry, there is no pain involved, none, we guarantee! (we can't guarantee anything).

Blood Drive!

Friday, March 18th, 7:30am

1696 South Van Buren Road

Reese, MI

The Process of getting your blood.

What we do is we stick a needle into your arm, and then we uh, take your blood. I don't really know what you expected to read here, but we take your blood, simple as that. Also, there are kittens! ( we don't guarantee that there will be any kittens).

If You aren't Totally Convinced....

If you aren't convinced yet, I need you to think of two things. 1. The free cookie and juice you get. :D 2. Think of all the vampires in this world that are having a hard time finding something to eat, think of all the poor vampires in Africa, barely getting enough blood to keep their throat from getting dry, and most of all, think of the vampire children.

For those without comedic taste....

Blood Donation Video