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On Todays (6-8-16) special edition of Electro ⚡️ News we will be discussing a essential question. Will Technology change the way Humans live in the future? In this special print we will also discuss about how jobs,social media,military and humans being affected by technology.

Section A


Have you ever thought that maybe your job in the future,well according to an estimate made by scientist by 2025;30 % of jobs will be taken over by technology . Some bad things will happen like the unemployment rate will increase,crime will increase and this will be very alarming.

But even if that's alarming this will be even more alarming,Since the 1990's job growth has decreased by over 20% and has been at its worst point since the 1930's when the stock market crashed and then the great depression started.

Social Media

Around 75% of working adults use at least one social media site and around 90% of teens/young adults use one or more social media websites or apps. We bring up these staggering statistics to show how much people use social media. Now social media has some bad things like cyberbullying and hacking,but it also has good stuff.

One example of this is advertising,now back in the day people only could promote on tv or even farther back put up signs and such,but now with social media booming and accessible to anyone that has internet and a device,people can now self promote to others across the world.

Another example of how social media is changing and it's good is because you now can order and get items shipped to you on social media and can also order food on twitter as well.

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"Oh no my mom has to amputate her leg and know will have a prosthetic leg" or "I accidently just severed off my hand when I turned on the saw,when I was not paying attention and now need a fake hand!". All these examples are transhuman,a better way to put it,humans being more non biological than biological and somewhat of a hybrid between a human and a technological piece.

Scientist predicted this may actually me sooner that would could be more technological than biological as they say that in the 2020's they will test on rats healing spinal cord injuries 100%,as well with type 1 diabetes. By the 2030's scientist also predicted that humans will become more non biological than biological and will have the ability of transforming their minds to the internet and live in virtual worlds.

And then finally there last estimate was in the 2040's in which they predict that we will be smarter then ever and will basically become technology in our human body form,they also said by 2060 military will be of cybernetically enhanced soldiers. It's crazy thinking this isn't it?


The U.S Military as it stands is one of the strongest in the world. Now imagine if they were technologically more advanced,for example of a current vehicle like the humvee in the future being able to not only be driving on the ground but flying in the air.

Another impact in technology in the future for our military is what I said in section 3A,our soldiers being cybernetically enhanced,and simply put our soldiers could be more powerful and stronger than they currently are now.


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Explaination of Transhumanism

I know many will wonder what transhumanism is and I gave a brief explanation of it in section 3A. But a better definition of it is,somewhat of a future goal for us humans to developing the human condition and making it better and to enhance "intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities". Along with that scientist are discussing nanotechnology which "is manipulation of matter on a atomic,molecular,and supramolecular scale".

Scary Statistics

Now through all the goods of technology there's some bads,and I mean bad stuff,below are some scary statistics you should think about.

Over 70% of organized companies reported being cyber hacked in the past year. From Netiq.com

There also was a recent study that said only 18% of students are proficient or better in classes in US History. From Huffington Post

The weight of kids and adults have increased 20 lbs since 1990,and that's in part due to kids eatting alot more and playing video games. From jiggygaton.com and backed by 2015 study done by the FRAC.com

And 31.8% of kids are overweight or obese,along with 68.5% of adults overwe

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