The Environment

Brandon Staskey


Pollution is a big thing, it obviously harms the environment and makes it uncomfortable to live as well as unhealthy not just for us, but for the nature around us. There are many ways to lessen pollution to make the world cleaner and better to live in for us and our other creatures.


It's important to recycle anything that can be reused. Not only is this really easy, but how hard is it to get up and put something in the right bin? Recycling daily helps quite a bit, and it's the easiest thing to do. Just by doing this, you really help out the environment.

The Effects of Pollution

If harmful living conditions aren't enough of a reason to attempt to change, then just look at the effects of pollution first hand.

And That's Just from One Disaster

all the damage that is caused by just one single pollution incident can be devastating! So if you want the world to end up like this, if not WORSE, then fighting pollution is the only way.

In Conclusion

If we don't do anything to change the way we live, it could cost us our precious world. All it takes is little acts of cleanliness, whether it be picking up trash off the ground or recycling. If we act together, we can save this planet.