Lineville Intermediate School

Technology Apps


iMovie lets you make a movie of all different types of things like fun times with family or a silly movie with a friend . The iMovie lets you chose a feature like simple or bright and ect. When you are making a movie you can have a song in the background and make it more interesting.


iTrailer lets you have a induction for your iMovie and the trailer can be silly and fun.

It lets you pick a different type of feature. You can make a trailer for a science project and have a exciting introduction to your project.

Haiku Deck

You can have multiple slides for long business and a lot more. While you are something on Haiku Deck you can have pictures in the background. You can have different fonts for your writing and you can have different ways to have your writing.

Explain Everything

This app Explain Everything allows you to record your voice and or your work. You can make a project say you play the violin and you teacher wants you to record you playing twinkle twinkle little star and while you are playing you need to write the notes like d,d,a,a,b. Also you can do math and other things as in Science and Language Arts .

Go Animate

Go Animate is a app that you can create an cartoon movie or a short film. While you are doing you little cartoon you can have different backgrounds and you can have different people. You can have the characters say whatever they want and you can choose what voice your characters have like princes and Steve and guy also lots more.