Fire Ingredients

Steps for Creating a Fire in the Wilderness

1) Find Something Dry and Fiborous

look for pocket lint, feather down, dried mosses, and shredded plant fibers.

2) Build a Fire Ring

surround the area around the fire with rocks, scrap metals, bricks, or cinderblocks.
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3) Assemble

make a small teepee out of small/thin twigs in the spot that you've cleared away.
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4) Set a Flame to the Tinder

light the tinder, blow on it, and insert it into the teepee you'e made.

5) Keep Tending to the Fire

add tinder to the fire regularly to build it up, and keep it going.

6) Put the Fire Out

make sure to put the fire out when finished. This can be done with sand, snow, or water(easiest option).